Job Description – Database administrator

Field Scope International is the innovative and energetic respondent recruitment and fielding agency based in the UK, USA and Serbia.

We aim to offer high quality fieldwork delivered at market leading prices, with seamless coverage on an ad-hoc or continuous project basis in the following markets UK/ Germany/ France/ Spain/ Italy/ US/ Serbia/ Bosnia/ Slovenia/ Macedonia/ Ukraine/ Montenegro/ Lithuania/ Poland/ Czech Republic/ Slovakia/ Russia/ Bulgaria/ Romania/ Hungary/ Croatia/ Latvia/ Estonia.

We work across a spectrum of challenging qualitative and quantitative methodologies employing the latest technologies and techniques, working with full service market research companies, consultants and fielding agencies across the globe.

Our automated fielding process managed by our internal software platform, aligned to a human element able to apply offline resources if and when required, help to fulfill realistic quota expectations for qualitative and quantitative fielding projects alike. When we can, our recruitment and completion solutions are delivered in-house, meaning you have greater control and increased flexibility in executing your project.

With direct communication channels enabling unswerving access to the team you’ll get a real sense of how close you are to your project. Such unstinting focus on service ensures that your project expectations are met in a timely and informed way, where communication, adaptability and realism sit at the heart of all that we do.

Our aim is to be continuously transparent, providing detailed status update reports as required that include both current status and pipeline potential, meaning you are able to gauge real-time performance against agreed performance indicators.

All this is delivered by our dedicated team of fieldworkers and recruiters reaped from the World’s leading data collection and fielding firms.


In general, tasks may include:

  • Building database;
  • Keeping databases up to date;
  • Helping with database design and development;
  • Managing database access;
  • Designing maintenance procedures and putting them into operation;
  • Ensuring that databases meet user requirements;
  • Liaising with other team members;
  • Managing database security/integrity and backup procedures;
  • Defining objectives through consultation with staff at all levels;
  • Testing and modifying databases to ensure that they operate reliably;
  • Archiving data etc.

Salary – TBC

Working hours 10am to 6pm, five days a week. However, longer hours may be required depending on current deadlines and workload.


  • Good knowledge of excel and data entry
  • English language (level B1+)
  • strong attention to detail and an investigative nature;
  • the ability to work as part of a team and to build strong working relationships;
  • good IT skills
  • communication, teamwork and negotiation skills
  • problem-solving and good analytical skills;
  • familiarity with the main data manipulation languages and the principles of database design;
  • flexibility and adaptability;
  • good organizational skills;
  • the skill to work to tight deadlines under pressure;
  • willingness to keep up to date with developments in new technology;
  • commitment to continuing professional development (CPD);
  • An understanding of information legislation, such as the Data Protection Act.

Work experience

Relevant work experience is not necessary but it is preferable to have some.

Start date of job Interviews will start after 25th of August and the position will be available from mid-September 2016.

You can apply by sending your CV in English to


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