Otvoren poziv CERN-a za „COFUND Fellowship programe“

Centar za razvoj karijere Univerziteta u Beogradu uspostavio je saradnju sa CERN-om, Evropskom organizacijom za nuklearno istraživanje, koja poziva zainteresovane kandidate koji su završili svoje doktorske studije da se prijave za "COFUND Fellowship" koji podrazumeva trogodišnji ugovor kao i mogućnost da se provede do 12 meseci na nekom univerzitetu, institutu ili kompaniji po izboru van CERN-a. Rok za prijave je 1.mart 2016.

What is COFUND?

COFUND is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action under the European Commission’s Horizon  2020 Programme. It complements the CERN Fellowship programme by offering 3-year contracts instead of the standard 2-year duration, as well as the possibility to spend up to 12 months at a university, research institute or an industrial company of the Fellow’s choice outside CERN.

Who are the COFUND Fellows?

COFUND Fellows are the highest-ranked applicants. The possibility of spending up to 12 months outside CERN is an excellent career development opportunity: this fosters international cooperation and enables scientists and engineers to gain an insight into leading fields of knowledge of technology and science to become the innovators of tomorrow.


You can be from anywhere in the world
• Your field of study is engineering/ particle physics/ applied sciences
• You have a PhD or at least four years of experience after a degree granting
access to a doctoral programme of study and not more than ten years of
experience after the degree which gives access to doctoral programmes
• You should be fluent in at least one of CERN’s official languages (English
or French)

Rok: Application open until March 1st and the next selection committee will take place on 24th May 2016.

Više informacija na home.cern


Izvor: www.razvojkarijere.bg.ac.rs


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