Join the Belgrade Poetography Project!

Are you a photographer? Do you love to write poetry? Want to be part of a dynamic project bringing together artists from around Belgrade? The Balkan Writers Project is looking for talented photographers and creative writers to be part of Belgrade’s first city-wide poetography exhibition at Mikser House on Dec. 20th.

Poetography is a modern visual-literary art form that merges poetry an photography to further enhance the artistic impact of both arts. For this collaborative project Belgrade poets will draw inspiration from the original photos of Belgrade photographers and craft short poems or flash fiction to go with the photos.

We’re looking for: 
1. Photographers: If you’re passionate about street photography, urban landscape, and street portraiture and have stunning photos we’d love to see your work. Professional, amateur, or anyone in between is welcomed to contribute up to three photos in these genres to the poetography project.

  1. Writers: If you love writing and want to contribute short poems or flash fiction inspired by photographs of the city we call home we want to read your words.

How it works:
1. Photographers will submit street photography, urban landscape, and street portraiture photos by November 2nd. The editorial team will select the best photos which will be posted to the Belgrade Poetography Facebook page and the Balkan Writers Project website ( on November 9th.

  1. Writers will be able to view selected photos from November 9th and must submit their completed poems or flash fiction by November 30th
  2. The editorial committee will select the best poems and flash fiction submissions and contact the writers
  3. The selected photographers and writers will have their works published in magazine form (print and electronically) and are invited to participate in a dynamic public event at Mikser House on December 20th.

Submission details
Photography: Send to by November 2nd. Please include your name and email address. Photos need to be:
• Format: Black and white
• Genres: Street photography, urban landscape, street portraiture
• Subject: Belgrade and the people who live here
Poetry/flash fiction: Send to from November 9 – 30th. Please include your name and email address.

Poems/flash fiction need to be:
• Language: All poems and flash fiction must be written in English
• Genre: Any
• Subject: Poems/flash fiction should be inspired by the photos, but do
not need to directly relate to the image.
• Word count: 80 words

If you’re passionate about photography or writing with a story inspired by this amazing city we want you to be part of this dynamic project. Join us!


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