Studentska razmena Poronin, Poljska

Centre for Education and Society advancement (CEUD) as a sending organization for participants from Serbia in this exchange is issuing a call for participants from Serbia in two exchanges about photography and cinematography in Poronin, Poland.

”Youth docs movie makers” is an educational – cultural project, which allows participants to speak in debate about topics especially important for youth. The tool of presentation for participants’ opinions will be short documentaries, created during the project by small international teams. Working in such groups, as well as other activities organized during the project, will allow to break the intercultural barrier, exchange experiences and also give participants the knowledge and skills needed to implement social initiatives in the future. Making docs is a brilliant opportunity to have fun in international company, break intercultural barriers and give a chance to present your own vision of the world for others. During the project we will organize also e.g. workshops, screenings of documentaries created by famous movie makers and discussions about presented films. All planned activities are designed to build a social awareness of youth, make participants more sensitive to the modern world’s problems and encourage them to do something for their local societies. This project gives participants not only some tools for action, but courage to engage in social life. The project will be organized to be focused on different topic (social problems of modern world, ecology, people’s problems in socioeconomic reality). 35 young people from 5 countries will participate (Poland, Armenia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia).

Profile of the participants: Age 18 – 30, Motivated, interested in the topic, active.

Working language – English

Logistics: Food and accommodation are covered by the organizers, as well as travel costs to the maximum amount of 170 Euro.


Exchanges date: (underline the date you prefer – if you are available for both dates, underline both)

10.01. – 18.01.2016

21.01. – 29.01. 2016


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