EUROPE IS ON! omladinska razmena

Prijavite se za omladinsku razmenu u Hrvatskoj u Kutini, koji će se održavati od 28. septembra do 6. oktobra. Na razmeni će učestvovati predstavnici omladinskih organizacija i svi zainteresovani mladi iz okruženja.

All societies are based on their citizens. If we want to build a Europe that considers its citizens the foundation of any progress and development, we need to create and nurture a culture of participation. It is our deep conviction that this society must create space for the ones that are coming, the ones that will inherit it and carry it on their shoulders one day, the European youth. Active participation of young people in our societies is first of all a learning process where equality of opportunities has to be ensured, mutual understanding among young people promoted, intercultural learning and active citizenship should be cornerstones. The planned YE ‘’Europe is ON!’’ is aimed to bring together trainers, youth workers and interested young people from EU28 and SEE countries to discuss the meaning of youth participation and volunteering in order to give new impulses for European Citizenship Education, to share possible ways to break the issue down for the practice in international youth work and to come up with creative ideas and support for practitioners in the international youth field. The YE will provide the occasion to share experiences, foster sustainable partnerships, support capacity building and contribute to the exploration of new working methods and strategies thus improving the quality of future projects and activities. The methods used will be based on the principles and practise of non-formal education taking into account the needs, motivations and previous experiences of the participants. Further the YE will provide space for debate, individual and group reflection, and encourage exchange of best practices. Finally the project will support the participants to explore the opportunities of Erasmus+ and to establish new contacts and create stable partnerships among organisations and to create new projects. The YE will take place in Kutina, Croatia, from 28th of September to 7th of October 2014. with participants from Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Portugal, Macedonia, Germany.


This youth exchange includes 10 different partners from different countries.

We kindly request from our partners for gender balance.

Countries and expected participant number and info are below;

Travel costs regarding to Erasmus+ rules


DATE AND VENUE: 28th of September to 6th of October 2014.

Arrival day; September 28th – Departure day October 6th 2014.

The accommodation, 3 meals in a day, and coffee breaks will be paid by hosting organization. Extra drinks/snacks will be your responsibility.
You will be accommodated in a Hotel Kutina***, Kutina, Croatia. It is a very nice hotel in the small and very welcoming city of Croatia. The Hotel is very well known for weddings, meetings, projects etc.



Nearest airports are following: Ljubljana – Slovenia, Zagreb – Croatia, Graz – Austria, Trieste – Italy, Venice – Italy, Vienna – Austria. Flights to Ljubljana, Graz or even Zagreb can be very expensive. Do not hesitate to take the flight to Trieste. There are a lot of possibilities of arriving in Zagreb from where you have train to Kutina. Please consider with us first what kind of flights you want to book. We can help you with that. And it would be much easier if we coordinate your travel. So please consider with us first.

If you take a train or a bus, take it to Zagreb and from there you have trains whole day that are going to the venue, Kutina.


Project language will be in English. Please bring your national food, traditional drinks, music or souvenirs for the intercultural evening. On this evening you will be able to show what is typical for your country; it can be food drinks or whatever you would like to present from your country.


It is very important to keep in touch with all the participants after the project. Communication details of all participants will be shared. Before the end of the project, ideas to improve the project collectively and individually will be discussed. A survey will be done for participants on the last day of the project. Thus we will be able to reach more detailed ideas.


To secure full reimbursement of travel costs, you should arrange your journey according to the following rules:

  • Participants are requested to arrange their journey by the most economical route.
  • Your travel expenses will only be reimbursed upon presentation of documentary evidence of the sum actually paid. For this reason, the ORIGINAL INVOICE is necessary (issued by the travel agency or other ticket issuing company). Copies of invoices are not taken into account. Electronic tickets will only be considered as acceptable on proof of payment (invoice) and on presentation of the boarding pass for the outward journey. This evidence of the expenditure will be joined to the claim form for reimbursement together with the relevant travel tickets or copy (plane, train, etc) and boarding passes.
  • Please buy return tickets for your full journey, and keep your boarding passes.

Reimbursements will be made in cash, in Euros or Croatian Kuna’s, during the training course.
Your travel expenses will be reimbursed by the rules or Erasmus+, for more info, contact representatives.
! All accommodation and food costs will be provided by the organizer.
! We are not responsible for the costs of the medical insurance.
! We kindly remind you that early accommodation and extra overstays will be your responsibility.

To ask for the application form, write onto
Deadline for applications: 15.09.2014.
Only selected candidates will be contacted on 18.09.2014. latest.


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